Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Feeling Exhausted.

I think the last couple of weeks have really tired me out. We've been so busy at home and running errands that I feel like we haven't had a second to sit down and relax. Not to mention we haven't had a drop of rain in 26 days I think the heat is finally starting to get to me. 
Our bathroom renovation is at a standstill, Landis' dad has a roofing job up in Castlegar this week, he left as of today and will be gone for 5 days. He did make sure that our tub was finished and the tile in the tub was grouted and sealed and in good working condition. The toilet is installed and working, the floors are done and grouted and sealed as well and the vanity is in place with a working faucet and sink, so the necessities are there for us. Before we started the reno the old bathroom had a sliding door separating the vanity from the toilet and tub, we got rid of this because it took up too much space and in order to do that we had o rip out the wall and put new drywall up and mud it, well all of the mudding hasn't been done yet on the walls or the roof and the back splash hasn't been done around the vanity, we still need to put frames around the doors, baseboard on the floors, put in the new mirror as well as the lighting and then finally paint the doors and walls! There is still so much that needs to be done however won't get done until we are back from vacation. At least we have the necessities but I am that person with OCD, I need everything clean and finished or it drives me crazy... this will be HARD!
Yesterday was a really tough day I feel. It was a hot one outside and it was Monday, Monday's are always hard regardless of if you're pregnant or not. I'm starting to feel the heat exhaustion (I am constantly drinking water and then having to pee every 10 minutes) and not to mention I am getting pretty tired fast these days, it's hard to make it through a full day without a power nap! We left work at 330 yesterday because Landis wasn't feeling well (which means I'm next) but we didn't head home to just relax. I cooked some spaghetti while Landis started doing a tune up on the boat getting it ready for our vacation. After we ate we jetted off to Landis' friends house to drop off the truck that was fixed over the weekend, I managed to finally convince his friend Darren to buy that huge party island from Costco so we can use it up the lake (best part of the day, I'm pretty good at making things sound amazing but honestly and truly this party island is awesome)! We headed back home and I tried to make the bathroom look as good as possible with what we have to work with. I put everything back in there (shampoo, conditioner, soaps, face wash, toothbrush ETC). I then cleaned out the spare bedroom/office eventually CCS' room, which is where all the tools were for renovating and pushed them off to the side and cleaned the floor in there - it looks decent now and I can actually get to my closet (My closet is in the spare bedroom because I have too many clothes and shoes to share a closet with Landis). After that I cleaned the master bedroom which also had some tools and miscellaneous items and a very dirty white carpet and hairy laminate floors from deez - so I just decided to vacuum the entire house. Moved onto laundry and then vacuumed the laundry room floor (cat litter always over my god damn feet in there) and then swept the foyer (Landis did the dishes for me and wiped down the counters). Needless to say I was exhausted, my feet were swollen and I was sweating. I decided to be a bit more motivated and we took Diesel out for a walk since he's cooped up in the house all day, I am really starting to struggle walking up hill or walking a lot period but I am trying to walk as much as possible even if I start huffing and puffing. We got home and it was already 10, way past my bed time and I still needed a shower so on my feet again I had a nice but short shower and finally hopped into bed around 1030. I woke up feeling really tired this morning and just not in the mood to be going to work, I have so much on my mind work is just not something I want to be doing. I threw a peach in my purse this morning for a little snack and shot out the door, I got a phone call while I was driving from Landis (probably about the $1000 minute, a guy actually WON this am) but what do you know? My F*cking phone speaker isn't working becuse there is part of a peach in the headphone jack, so I can't hear anything, just what I need! I obviously have the worst luck with phones because I am currently using my old Iphone4 that has both front and back cracked because my Iphone5 got drenched in sun screen while we were in Peachland and stopped working from there. I got to work and googled what to do, after 15 mins of sucking out air from the headphone jack it's back to working for now and I am all out of breath. I'm feeling so drained today I think I will be leaving work early, I have to go to Babies R Us today without Landis sadly, to do our baby registry for the baby shower, I know you're supposed to enjoy that but I'm grabbing that scanner, scanning everything and getting out of there so I can just go home and lay down.  I didn't even bring a lunch today because yesterday was too busy for me to pack something. I'm really bad for going out and spending unnecessary money on food for lunch when we always have food at home to bring. Come to think of it I actually don't know how much food we have for me to bring for lunch but there is NO TIME to go grocerie shopping this week. Tomorrow I have my next prenatal appointment and then monthly blood test (thyroid). Thursday I have my hair appointment right after work so I have to jet off to Richmond and then I'll stop by for a quick visit with my dad just to say Hi since I'll be out that way. I am really looking forward to my hair appointment on Thursday though. I haven't had a hair cut in almost 4 months it looks horrendous and the I can't wait to go back to dark hair. I especially am looking forward to the head massage ill get when I get my hair washed, I'm getting shivers thinking about it.
I don't have a whole lot of motivation to be typing much more than what I've got, I have a feeling this exhaustion isn't going to go away any time soon and I'm going to have to figure out a way to be HAPPY while exhausted and not just bitchy, poor Landy yet again.

Tata for now

Frontal view of my bulging belly

Our bathroom at a standstill.

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