Friday, 19 July 2013

Pregnancy Thus Far

I figure I’d start out my second post by actually getting to talk about my pregnancy (since that’s all pregnant women can do, seriously every time a pregnant chick speaks all they want to talk about is how nasty they feel and what this does to their body and everything else that goes along with pregnancy and I never really understood it OBVIOUSLY because I wasn’t pregnant up until now, so people please bare with me if you’re not pregnant because one day you will understand!!).
Let’s go back a couple years. January 2011: I had just gotten back from a gorgeous and relaxing trip away to the Dominican Republic, my mum and I went for a week over the Christmas holiday. I returned back to work on January 3, taking in alllll the compliments on my solid tan and telling everyone about my amazing trip while everyone was stuck back here in the cold (which might I add, I don’t think I would ever go away again on actual Christmas, it’s meant to be cold weather people, all part of the holiday) BUT I still went away and still enjoyed it, bragging and all. Anyways During the middle of the day on my first day back I started to get this really really sharp pain in my upper right abdomen but I pushed it aside and thought it was something small ya know maybe constipation or something (Yeah I’m gonna be really open about that, my entire pregnancy is FULL ON constipation, a heads up if you intend on reading further) anyways the pain got worse and worse and eventually dropped from the upper right abdomen to my lower right abdomen. I left work and intended on just going home, putting a hot water bottle on my tummy and sleeping it off – at this point in time I was living in mission but working in surrey so a good hour drive – Let’s just say I didn’t make it home, I drove myself to the mission hospital and walked into emerg in a sh*tload of pain, almost in tears but not quite there yet. This is one thing I can’t stand about emerg, they need to have a separate section for people that are ACTUALLY emergencies and people that go to emerg because they’ve got a headache.. . Gimme a break. So I walk into Emerg and they take my info, ask about my symptoms etc then send me back to the waiting room. I called Mel (my sister-in law who I was living with at the time) and told her what was going on, naturally she rushed to the hospital to be with me). By the time she got to the hospital I was pretty much in the fetal position on a chair in emerg, crying from the pain. After they noticed that I was actually in severe pain I was admitted and got into a bed after a couple blood tests. ** The nurse that took my blood test was annoying as hell – thought I should mention that. “You look tanned, did you go somewhere”, me: “Yeah I just got back from the Dominican republic”. Nurse: “YOU DID get your shots didn’t you?” Me: No I didn’t and NO this has nothing to do with that I DO NOT have hepatitis you asshole but thank you for trying to make it sound like I do”… I didn’t say that but obviously it’s what I was thinking. Anyways got my blood work done (Nope, no Hep C for me! still crying, in severe pain… to put it lightly it felt like I was being stabbed repeatedly in the stomach with a thick ass needle) so got my blood work done, get into those beautiful robes they provide you with and finally get to lay down in a bed! By this time it’s been 3 hours since I’ve been there and I’m not being patient anymore, I need drugs right then and there so naturally I made a big scene. Well I got what I wanted – an IV and they shot morphine right into me through the intravenous. It was marvelous, one second I felt severe pain and the next second I felt this cold liquid running through my entire body and I was pain free (I can seriously understand anyone with an addictive personality getting addicted to morphine, its unreal). OH by the way this story all leads to my pregnancy… eeek this is going to be a long post! Okay so I’m going to shorten this bit of the post a tad, I’m in the hospital for 4 days because the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me – I had 2 Ultrasounds, 2 X-rays, transferred back and forth from Abby hospital to mission hospital for a CT scan and finally after 4 days, severe pain, withdrawal from morphine (therefore puking) they finally found out that I had an Ovarian Cyst that had ruptured, which they only found out from the liquid around my ovaries which could lead to an infection (thankfully it didn’t). Anyways I get out of the hospital and have regular checkups with an OBGYN and specialists of course. They send me back to my regular doctor with recommendations on what I should and what we should all be monitoring so that this doesn’t happen again. They recommended I go on YAZ (birth control) because this type of birth control helps control the growth of ovarian cysts – I was already on YAZ to begin with so I just got another prescription and was monitored. Okay so now were fast forwarding to October 2012 at a regular check up with my doctor who was always in contact with my OBGYN who suggested I go off of birth control to actually see if any Cysts grow – I’m sure they could’ve done multiple tests to see If I actually had PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome; where cysts multiply into thousands on your ovaries, compress your follicles which means no children for you) but they recommended this way because it was easy to see if cysts were growing. I went off birth control (up until this point I was on birth control for 7 years). So I’m off birth control, I go home and tell Landis that I’m not on birth control anymore and that we have to be careful just in case. We were careful! There came a point in our relationship where we started talking about the future and kids and getting married etc. Landis is 30 – 31 this September and ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted to be a young mum, not too young obviously but younger than 30. Even after only a couple of months being together Landis and I knew that we were meant to be together. ** Barf I know lol** Anyways around Christmas time or maybe just a bit after we talked a lot about kids and how we really wanted them soon and at this point we’ve been together for a while now – HOWEVER we just bought a boat so the original plan was to continue being careful until after summer (like I suggested in my first post ;) ) and then we would work on having a baby. On a side note Ladies, you know how you hear from all over the place that it’s really hard to get pregnant within the first year of going off birth control if you’ve been on it for a while… that’s bulllllllllllllsh*t. SO 3 months later and Tralaaaaa I’m pregnant! So our baby boy wasn’t entirely planned but it was by no means a mistake and definitely not prevented.
1st Trimester:
I found out February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day that we were expecting. Landis caught me sitting on the bed eating Green beans out of a can in one hand a Dinsour candies out of the other hand the day before…. So he made me get a test. So we found out and we were so excited we called our families that night to let them know (yup, dangerous since there is always a possibility of miscarrying but regardless they were going to know). Everyone was ecstatic and so were we! I called a maternity clinic close to home the next day and made an appointment for March 7 and the weeks leading up to that took FOREVER. We also found out so early, most women don’t notice they’re pregnant or symptoms until 7-8 weeks but I took a test and found out at 4 weeks. After my first prenatal visit my pregnancy symptoms kicked in. I was so god damn tired I didn't feel safe driving to and from work, Landis and I carpool thank god, I was sleeping at work a lot or always leaving early. I was constantly nauseous but during my entire pregnancy I've only puked twice (one of which is when I was driving myself into work, praise the lord I kept plastic bags in the side of the door, still embarrassing having people next to you watch you puke into a bag while driving stick shift on the highway) so the rest of the time I was dry heaving which in my opinion is WAY worse than actually throwing up.  I was turned off of ALL meat and poor Landis lived off of noodles and KD for MONTHS because I’m the cook and let’s be honest, I wasn't cooking for ANYONE. I noticed in my first trimester that I actually put on not a little bit of weight but a lot of weight.. 9 lbs to be exact… which isn't normal in the first trimester, a lot of women don’t tend to gain weight until 2nd trimester. I got a call from my doctor saying they got my blood test results back and they wanted to see me… GREAT! Doctor’s tell you to always keep your stress levels down because stress isn't good for the baby and then they call you with bad news but don’t share the news with you on the phone and can’t get you an appointment until next week so you’re SERIOUSLY STRESSED OUT! – Turns out I had an under active thyroid which explains why I gained weight in the first trimester, my body wasn't producing enough thyroxin for the baby and me so baby got everything and I got none which means I had a really slow metabolism. Doctor terms: Hypothyroidism. This also explains why I was much more tired then I should be. I was put on antibiotics right away and got what I call a Membership card to BC Biomed for my monthly blood tests, rock on! I used to hate blood tests now I think I’m a trooper, I go in there and I’m not even nervous anymore – Unless Landis comes with me, he always has a way of making me nervous or bothering me or making fun of me while I get it done. I don’t think I am over exaggerating at all when I say that the first trimester seriously took forever to pass, with feeling shitty, super b*tchy, worried about my body and what’s going to happen but NOTHING actually happening to it yet, my thyroid, my nausea, the thought of miscarrying… it’s a long process and getting passed the first trimester is the hardest part (so far! Am I speaking too soon? 3rd trimester awaits).  Last thing about this trimester, I think CCS is going to absolutely LOVE starbursts and fruit loops because that was my nutrition for hmmm about 7 weeks!

2nd trimester:
You know I told this to a friend the other day, they make these weeks and trimesters and months so god damn confusing you never really know how far along you are. I like to go with weeks because I find it to be less confusing but people don’t count weeks when they’re not pregnant so they go oh how many months is that?… ummm I don’t know actually.
So things didn’t start to ease up in the 2nd trimester till I was about 16 weeks, poor poor Landis seriously, he went through hell and back with me, mostly I think he just felt bad that there was nothing he could do, at one point I couldn’t stop crying no matter what he said so being his mother’s son he called a good friend Lizzy (mommy of 2) to tell her to console me cause he didn’t know what else to do, such a good hubby <3. Anyways the 2nd trimester has been very up and down, I got my energy back and started to cook and clean again and for the most part I’ve been pretty upbeat and happy. THEN there are those dark dark days where first time mommies are thinking there life is over and no longer about them. I think I have a crying spell once a week now where I’m sad about my body changing and not feeling sexy anymore… because seriously women can say all they want about a pregnant woman being sexy and there is NO disrespect to what I am saying but they just aren’t. I can’t fathom the thought of walking around in lingerie with this massive belly and my weighed down thighs full of water thinking yeah I look super sexy. It is definitely a HUGE adjustment, especially when you walk around for most of your adult life feeling confident and liking what you see in the mirror and then all of a sudden the body you know and the personality you know is gone and you’re this different person for 9 months, it’s really unsettling and you feel very out of place like you don’t belong in your skin. Like I said good moments and some very bad moments, no inbetweenies for this prego!
I think it was around 18 weeks that I started to feel CCS move for the first time but wasn’t too sure, it felt like these tiny little bubbles… I thought maybe gas cause haaahaaa that’s very common these days but then I started feeling those bubbles all the time and wasn’t letting any rip so I knew it was him! They just started to get stronger and stronger and holy crap now he is constantly moving while I am awake. Seriously at all hours of the day he is moving up until I go to bed. Landis and I lay there in bed and put the IPOD on my belly and watch him go crazy for 15 mins then we’ll put it away and go to bed and he seems to go with me (let’s hope he’s like that when he’s out of the womb!) I told Landy last week that I was annoyed that day with CCS cause he kept moving and I wasn’t in the mood for it, that baby must be one smart cookie cause he stopped moving for the entire day after I said that and that night I had the worst dream about him not being alive in there and was waiting and waiting and waiting for what seemed an eternity for him to start kicking again, I think he did that to teach me a lesson ;).
For those of you who don’t know me, I’m fairly out going and pretty humorous and sarcastic. I burp these days like nobody’s business and there is no way I’m holding them in, it makes me gassier and they taste gross so those come out! However I like to leave some kind of MYSTERY in mine and Landis’ relationship, some people don’t understand this, some do.. I guess it just depends on who you are. I’m extremely comfortable around him, I don’t think before I speak, we’re best friends we talk about everything, act like fools, rarely fight but obviously have our little tiffs like all other couples. I have always REFUSED to fart in front of him, or let him hear me poop, even peeing was a bit on the far side but I can do that now. So regular NON pregnant girls obviously have their business to do, guys; we all fart and poop, otherwise you would have a bunch of fat, bloated women around you so be thankful. ANYWAYS it’s probably the most humorous thing for anyone else but me during this pregnancy. Landis is a man’s man, he’s a mechanic, he’s athletic, he hunts, he eats a crap load and still manages to stay so skinny and he’s got a foul mouth (we’re both bad for that, wonder what CCS’ first word is gonna be? I already know) so yeah he’s a man’s man and he’s got no shame in farting when he needs to it just comes naturally. He’s only ever heard me fart ONCE and it was by accident and probably the most embarrassing moment of my life. It was a Saturday morning and we were both sleeping maybe around 830ish and I guess while I was sleeping I let a pretty big noisy one go and it woke HIM and ME up!!! He turned around and I was still half asleep and he goes “BABE!!! BABE DID YOU JUST FART?!?!?” in this exciting giddy tone like he enjoyed it and I just turned around and said “NO, IT WAS THE BED” (couldn’t think of anything else to use as an excuse, it was too early in the morning. Anyways he just started laughing hysterically and will never let me forget it. This whole pregnancy thing though sure isn’t flattering for a woman.
I can’t really talk about the 3rd trimester yet because I’m not quite there, almost! I could seriously go on forever about everything that’s happening to me during these wonderful 9 months of my life. But I’m pretty damn sure I’m not the only nasty pregnant woman out there which makes me feel a little better.
So 3rd trimester talk is in the near future. I can’t believe how much I’ve written and will be shockingly surprised if people actually read this entire post. I’m really enjoying writing though, it feels very therapeutic and I feel so relaxed like I’ve just gone for a massage , I’ll try and keep my posts as entertaining as possible so they don’t get boring! I think I did a pretty good job on this one.

Tata for now


First Ultra sound picture of CCS - Cannot believe how big he is now compared to that!

Me, my skinny body and a + test!

MMMM! Fave reds!

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