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Well, it's pretty evident I've been slacking on the blog! Like I've said in a few of the other posts.... it's been pretty hectic recently...even at work so it's been hard to get a spare minute to write!
Now I haven't written in so long I have NO IDEA where to start.

Well today I can officially say our bathroom is DONE - after almost 2 months of renovations and with us going away for 12 days not being here it was at a standstill - but today Landis' dad is putting the baseboards and trim up and it's DONE! I can't even begin to explain how exhausted I am from yesterday (Thursday). I didn't go into work because I haven't been able to sleep well and I've been getting AWFUL morning sickness again (except throughout the entire day) so because I didn't go into work I decided when I wasn't feeling so shitty to start painting. Well because we had new drywall put int, some old drywall still there and then some mud over new and old drywall we had all different types of whites on our walls at this point, so we had to go buy a paint that had a sealer and primer in one and then chose our color which was a paint and primer in one as well to make sure the entire bathroom looked the same! SO NONE of this was done as of yesterday... me - 8 months prego; painted the ceiling (sealant and primer) and the trim did TWO coats of that and then TWO coats of the color we chose. After I finished that I probably did about 50 sets of stairs carrying stuff down and up from one room to another - MY BABY SHOWER is this coming Sunday and I literally had nowhere to put anything I'm going to receive. So I took apart Diesel's Kennel and carried that downstairs to the boardroom and put it back together down there and then I carried the crib and mattress upstairs to the baby room and set that up (all by myself with NO instructions...I'm impressed). Anyways after making everything look somewhat good I cleaned the whole house, I must be in that nesting stage because I can't live for a day with a messy house it drives me insane. Look I'm already into my first paragraph and have too much to talk about. I can't really go over what's gone on the past month because there's just way too much. So I'll look forward and talk about what's coming up and how hopefully the last stretch of this pregnancy goes by fast!

September - So September is actually looking really busy - which it wasn't before but I guess that's how it always works. This first weekend of September kicks off with my baby shower on Sunday :), which I have so been looking forward to, I get to see all my friends and family who mean the most to me and who I am closest to. We all live so far away and live our separate lives that it's so hard to see each other so this will be a nice treat!! Saturday I've actually made plans to help by girlfriend pick up tables and chairs for it and then I will be heading to the mall to find a pretty outfit, visit my daddy and then go for a nice visit with Sam (she lives in Kelowna and is one of my closest friends as well as her mom who is the sweetest lady, I'll be staying the night at Sam's since she lives really close to Margaret's for the shower the next day) - I'll drive home Sunday night not too late so I can spend the rest of the evening with Landis (he's going to Kelowna on Monday morning and wont be home til late Tuesday...yes I know it's only one night but I still miss him and worry about him regardless AND I'm spending Saturday night away from him as always feels really lonely and unusual to spend the night next to him, never feels right!
2nd weekend in September - Another GREAT friend who I don't get to see too often is Ashley. We've been talking for months about getting together but just never get enough time so we planned a girls trip to Whistler at the Scandinave Spa (Landis got me a gift cert. for my birthday this year, a prenatal one of course. So I can finally put that to good use). So we will head up to Whistler on Saturday and come home Sunday, short yep but none the less we're both so excited to spend some quality bestie time together.
I think the 3rd weekend in September is the ONLY spare one I have - I think that weekend I may go to Ikea and get the baby dresser I need and pretty much set up the baby's room with Landis and just really take that weekend to relax (happy birthday MUDGE...I'm sorry I can't stay awake past 11 or id be at the club dancing right by you).
The following weekend I believe we are going downtown for an Early birthday Dinner for my love. That'll be the 21st I believe and his birthday is on the 25th - so not too early. And then the folllowing weekend is our Jason Aldean concert...haaaa haaaa... I didn't mention anywhere in this post yet but CCS has gone into a good position for him..not so much for me. He is head down and has actually dropped a little bit (doctor says this is normal and he could quite possible come a few days early WOOHOO). However that being said I'm an official waddler and I pee every 15 minutes, I can seriously feel this baby's head IN there like it's about to fall out from in between my legs, so that probably means I'll be sitting almost the entire concert! That's ok as long as I get to see Jason Aldean I'm a-OK.

So that's September weekends for me - I'm sure the week days will fill up just as quick.

CCS is on the move ALL the time, always rolling or moving so we know he's a happy healthy baby. His momma on the other hand is definitely one bitchy, hormonal, emotional wreck. I'm feeling a bit Bi-polar these days. One second I'm feeling good and happy and in the flip of a switch I am so upset or cranky - I enjoy being alone in those times so I don't have anyone to take it out on, especially Landis, I don't want to take anything out on him anymore he's been the best this whole time. My feet tend to get pretty swollen and sore again another 'normal' pregnancy symptom - I have a SERIOUS hard time understanding why women say "I miss being pregnant, I miss my belly" and I want to know how on earth you could ever miss this! I will be so happy when CCS is out of me and we get to snuggle as a family and I no longer have this watermelon as a belly or these swollen feet, or random throwing up etc... I don't think and I truly believe this I really DON'T THINK I will EVER catch myself saying I miss being pregnant - F*&# that!

OK - thats my post for today short but ...better than nothing :) heres some pics below of the last little while

Christina Lake 13'

So proud of my Pinterest shelf - Mine is the one on the bottom right of course - Example is top right

Our Anniversary <3

Maternity Session - My growing Family <3

My best friend and the love of my life

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