Monday, 22 July 2013

Pool, Family time, New Bathroom & Worst day ever!

I don't think I will be able to write posts on weekends because the summer weekends are just too hectic for me and who wants to sit inside on a nice weekend on the computer?...Writing these takes me a while because I have so much going on in my head that I never know where to start and the writing just gets messy and unorganized! This weekend consisted of exactly what the title says.

Friday night Landy & I took Deez for a nice long walk, he hasn't been able to go on an actual walk in what seems like forever. He's been stuck in a cone because a week and a half/2 weeks ago he did a burn out on the hot pavement and made his one paw raw and wouldn't stop licking it, so puppy had to live in a cone for a while. It's sad yet humorous at the same time to see him in a cone, he's normally a pretty graceful dog, prances around, takes corners like a NASCAR...and he's damn near as fast as NASCAR - but with this cone on he spills his water all over the place, bumps into walls and lays on his bed with those sweet puppy eyes. ANYWAYS he's out of the cone now and we went for a nice long walk and spent some time together. Landis will be working all weekend and he's got playoffs for ball so everyone else gets to see him but me </3.

Saturday was actually a really relaxing, fun and hot day. Started off with a trip to the dog park with one of my best girlfriends Rosie and her pup Brody (he's a boston terrier full of energy) and then of course Deez came with us (If you didn't know, here is a little fun fact: Siberian Huskies can work up to 80 MILES per day on very little food - this fact explains why our dog is NEVER tired). We drove to the dog park in aldergrove - probably my favorite dog park because it's absolutely massive but all fenced in so I don't nor does anyone else for that matter need to worry about our dogs running off and us having to chase after them! After that we hopped back into big red (I will upload a picture of our beast at the end of this post and you'll understand why we call her big red. She's our (I guess Landis'...he reads these now...Hi Hunny, yes YOU'RE---> Ford F350 with a 10" lift, Toyo mt's and 22s and believe me when I say my babe is not compensating, he's well equipped! - Normally we only drive the truck to tow the boat but I decided to take it for a nice drive without the boat today, it's probably the best vehicle for me to drive in these days, minus the jumping in and out which isn't too difficult yet, it feels much safer then our jetta, NO ONE screws around with you on the road, no one ever cuts me off, I am level with semi trucks so I don't feel all tiny and scared when driving next to one and everyone gets out of my way oh and if anyone does piss me off all I have to do is stomp on the accelerator and spray black diesel soot all over them). Anyways after the dog park we went home and I got changed and ready to spend the rest of the day in Mission at my brother and sister-in-law's pool. I texted Mel on friday morning to see if they had plans for the weekend (because both of our families have been so busy we really haven't seen each other almost all summer!). SURPRISINGLY my brother Lee was off work on a saturday for the first time since he started his new job so probably 3 months, his wife Mel who owns her own photography company (Style Us Beautiful Photography) along with being a co-founder of some amazing organizations and just starting another company called the branching booth, I figured I was sol but thought it would be worth a shot to just check and amazingly her and Lee as well as the kids had NO plans! So I went over to their house at about 130 to get in some sun tanning time in the pool and get some time with the kids. The last time I saw them was a couple months ago and I was significantly smaller so when they saw me this time they realized I had an outtie belly button (which I HATE) and they were pretty focused on that for a while! I managed to get in some sun and left their place at about 5. 
I came home to a tired hubby who was napping after a long hot day replacing the front end on one of his friends trucks, I didn't think he was going to be home til a lot later so it was nice to come home to see him. After he got up from his nap we headed to L.A Sushi in Mission and went for dinner with Landis' friend. I'm NOT a sushi eater but I do love their Teriyaki chicken with rice and veggies, so delicious :)! All in all it was a good day! 

Sunday - I must've woken up on the wrong side of the bed because Sunday was probably one of the worst days I've had in a LONG time! I've done a lot of research of Baby strollers and I know the one I want; Phil and Teds. I am set on it, there is no changing my mind. It folds easily, it can be a single and then when (IF) baby #2 comes along it turns into a double, it's great for jogging, they come in all different colors and are made for any type of terrain! So the plan was to go down to the states and get my stroller, adapter and car seat. I had searched WHERE to get Phil & Ted's strollers and found out that Along comes a baby in bellingham sells them. Right from the get go of me being pregnant my mum offered to pay for the stroller so this day was kind of set up for her and I to get out together and go shopping for this. Well I was in a horrendous mood so the car ride down resulted in arguing and tears - We got to Along comes a baby in the worst mood ever to find out that they don't even sell Phil and Ted's strollers anymore - so we left and I came out in an even worse mood - Not only did I drive down there and use gas, they had wrong information on their website, I used data roaming on my phone to try and find somewhere else that sells them in Bellingham which NO OTHER store does and I learned I couldn't even buy a car seat or adapter for it down there because USA car seats aren't certified in Canada. SO after all of that we got back into the car and returned to arguing and more tears on my end - My mum wanted to go to the beach but after only an hour of being in the states I was DONE and going home, I never wanted to be back in my own house so badly. The car ride home was extremely quiet. So we left for the USA at 1030 and were back at my house in abbotsford by 1245, needless to say I was SO upset, pissed, bitchy, hot and frustrated. I came home and my mum left - Onto the next story.
We've been renovating our bathroom for the last 2 weeks before CCS gets here because obviously we didn't want to do any renovations when the baby got here or any later than where we are right now as I'm going into my 3rd trimester nobody wants to be around a bitchy pregnant Rachel! Landis' Dad is retired and has been doing renovations on the side to keep himself busy (he's really good at that stuff) so he's been driving out from Surrey everyday to work on our bathroom - it's ALMOST DONE - should be done by Wednesday this week and then it's onto priming and painting this weekend - I absolutely LOVE re-doing and organizing and renovating and painting - it's so much fun for me. I don't know why we didn't take a VERY before picture of how our bathroom used to look compared to now but our house was built in the 70's and that bathroom is from the day that house was built - so you can imagine! I can't wait until it's done next week (right before we go away on our vacation to Christina Lake, Landis' Mum and her spouse will enjoy the new bathroom before us since they stay there to take care of our funny farm at home). I will post pictures of the bathroom somewhat before (during the reno) and after as soon as I have it all done! 

BACK TO my weekend - Landis got home from ball around 330 while I was almost done washing the jetta (it hadn't been washed in way too long and again I wanted some nice color). We had a pretty productive day after that, cleaned up the house a little bit, got rid of our pool table that has been sitting in the car port forever, got garden work done and all the vehicles washed, put together the new vanity and moved it into the washroom, had come delicious perogies covered in onions, cheese and sour cream *mmmmm* and then went and got a new CURVED shower curtain rod (those things actually give you so much MORE space). We also got a nice new shower curtain, liner and the hooks in a brushed nickel to hang them. 

There you have it - My weekend in a post! And here we are, back to Monday! This week is an exciting week packed with plans, plans, plans but all fun plans :)! I'm starting to count down the days until we leave for 2 weeks (well...11 days) to the Kootenay's! 

Tata for now

Big Red and the boat!
Hannah making fun of my outtie! 

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