Thursday, 18 July 2013

My first post!

Well.... this will be a work in progress!
I've never really been a writer or been interested in blogging but always find myself reading everyone else's blogs; BORED at work and constantly thinking about my pregnancy, pregnancy or baby blog's are what I find myself looking at pretty much daily. 

So, I'll start this off like any other blog I guess and tell you a little bit about myself; Rachel is my name -- I'm sure you can tell by my blogger name -- I'm 23 years old, head over heels in love with my best friend Landis and we are soon to be Mommy & Daddy to CCS in October 2013 (I'll reveal his name a bit later on) and are already Mommy & Daddy to Diesel: Our 2 year old Siberian Husky. I currently supervise a marketing center for Barnes Wheaton Auto group, been here for 3 long years. What a boring way to start a blog!! My absolute favorite time of the year is Christmas time... sometimes I take that back and say summer is the best part; Beaches, Lakes, Tanning, late nights, drinking, boating, wake boarding, wake surfing, tubing, trips to the Okanagan...ummm how could anything beat that? Let me tell you for any women wanting to get pregnant... save it for after summer if at all possible!!!!! I don't think I could stress that enough, PROTECT yourself until after summer. Don't get me wrong, being pregnant is a blessing (considering I thought i'd have problems getting pregnant I'm extremely thankful) but being pregnant during the summer is plain torture. That list I just wrote about why summer is so awesome..yeah that doesn't pertain to me. Beaches have no shade. Lakes - yeah okay those work but I'm not a people person to start off with and lakes are usually packed to the nines in the summer, so I'm probably not the best person to be around especially when we have to look for parking for 30 mins and I'm sweating profusely. Tanning is hit or miss, 50% its great 50% heat rash. Say goodbye to late nights, I usually can't make it past 9pm and if I do welcome bitchy and tired Rachel, you'll be in trouble for keeping me up past my bedtime and you probably won't hear the end of it until I'm asleep and even then if I'm tired the next day (or any other day for that matter cause hey I usually am) it's all because you kept me up that night (my poor hubby lol). Bye bye Alcohol. Boating!! We have a pretty top of the line boat that we're paying out of the ass for to use 3 months out of the year but oh god am I thankful for that thing this year - We load up the boat, get to the lake, put it in the water, find easy parking because we have a boat trailer and we're off in the water where no one is around us except our friends and we don't have to be tortured by listening to high school kids listen to their shitty music and have pointless conversations. Wake boarding - I got a brand new wake board in January before we found out I was pregnant... by the time summer rolled around and we actually got to go out on the boat I was well past my first trimester, that being said my brand new wake board is being used by girls that I don't even know (Hubby's friends girlfriends etc) normally I'm a pretty generous person but while I'm pregnant I feel I'm probably pretty selfish because why would I like some girl I don't know to break in my brand new wake board and I can't even use it let alone break it in? Ya not so much. Tubing is out of the question. I think this is a prime example of why I'm so bitter - 

Last Tuesday we took the boat out to Allouette lake in Maple Ridge after work - it was cooking outside and it was a perfect night to be out on the water. Landis invited Austin & Carlee, Brian & Mel, Austin's friends Cody & Megan and then there was Landis & Myself. All of these people are really nice but if you know me I'm a pretty shy person until I get to know someone and then I can break out of my shell slowly but these people are all Landis' friends so naturally I am quiet. We get onto the lake at 5:30 and I'm feeling good the sun is out I want some color it's perfect. If anyone knows Allouette Lake you know it's not a warm lake until August and even then is pushing it so I refrained from going in the water since it was past 5pm and was only going to get cooler out, meanwhile everyone else is taking turns wake surfing, wake boarding, drinking and sharing laughs. I quickly realize that my mood is turning sour and that this is just no fun for me. Every single person on that boat was drinking and getting to do high impact water sports...NONE of which I could do. My night consisted of Sitting in the corner (got sun for maybe 30 mins) and driving the boat in circles. By the end of the night we were still on the lake at 930 and I was ready to cry. I'm tired, upset, bitter and just want to go home. = PRIME example as how I could go on forever about why this summer SUCKS but I think you get the point - Christmas takes the cake, at least for this year! 

ANYWAYS back to a little bit about me: If you can't tell from my complaining about not being able to do stuff, I'm an athletic person and always have been. Give me any sport and I'd love to play. That's definitely one thing I miss insanely from high school are my sports. Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Basketball, Rugby it's definitely how I stayed so slim for all those years and then after graduating I actually had to work my ass off to keep a body I was happy with. 

I have 2 brothers; Lee and James, they are both happily married. Lee & Mel have 2 kids; my nephew Ethan is 6 and niece Hannah is 4, they're pretty awesome and cute but are growing way too fast! They live pretty close to us as well which is comforting. James & Tina live on the Island in Campbell River (where we were born) and own a house over there, no kids just yet for them and I actually think they plan on keeping it that way. My dad is in Richmond so a solid hour and a half away from our house in Abbotsford but he's always coming out to visit us (especially since I've been pregnant) and last but not least my Mum lives in abbotsford about 20 mins away from us! 
Landis' side of the family is pretty close to us as well and his family is awesome! His sister Amber and her Fiance Tim live in Langley (they are set to Wed in October this year... I'll be a moose by then). His mom partially lives in surrey and partially in Abbotsford with her spouse and she is the most helpful, generous, caring person I have ever met (Landy gets a lot of his sweet traits from her which I am so thankful for) and then there's Landis' Dad who lives in Surrey as well with his spouse, his dad is pretty awesome too and they're exceptionally close. They go hunting together throughout the year, Landis always works on his side jobs at the house in surrey just because all his tools are there and his side clientele is mostly out that way and oh man does Landis ever get his temper, sarcasm and sick humor from his dad (Again which I'm pretty thankful for, minus the temper but I have a way with calming him down) lastly Landis' Opa lives in Burnaby and is such a sweet man but again all these personalities from the Schray men trickle down from him! His humor is hilarious but sick just like the other two and if that is any indication on  what our boy is going to be like we are going to have our hands FULL! 

So there that's a little bit about me and my current life and all that surrounds it! I think I'm going to try my best to blog once a day, I think it'll help relieve a lot of the stress I get when I don't want to bother anyone with complaining about how I'm feeling! I've posted some pictures below so you can see who we are!

Tata for now


Landis And Rachel Christmas 2012

Rachel Christmas 2012

Rachel and Deez 2013

Landis and Deez Whistler 2013

He's so CUTE! Landis Peachland 2013

Our little Boy, Due October 22, 2013

Deez Cuddling CCS <3

Rachel 26 Weeks 2 Days pregnant

Rachel and Landis 6 months pregnant, Peachland 2013

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