Monday, 23 September 2013


So September has come and gone... And this is my probably my one and only blog post for September - Maybe! I think this has been mentioned in ALL my posts but holy this month has been busy it seems like life just isn't going to slow down anytime soon! 

Today is September 23 so as of right now I have LESS than a month before CCS will be here (hopefully this kid doesn't come late or we'll be having some words once he's here). This is so exciting, nerve racking and scary. In less than a month Landis and I are going to be parents - Yup I've had 8 months to really think this through but it still hasn't set in, is this really happening? We are going to be responsible for a little person!? We have a say with everything that happens with this person and who he will be, what he'll be like, what his interests are - Still doesn't feel real. 
At one of my recent prenatal visits (yeah those happen every week now, kind of inconvenient but I suppose pretty mandatory) the doctor told me that baby is most active in between 32-34 weeks and then it slows down from there because there isn't as much amniotic fluid...Which means when he DOES move, it's a lot more painful and uncomfortable. Anyways  I am now 36 weeks pregnant and let me tell you this baby has NOT stopped moving, if anything he is more active than ever and I find myself constantly subconsciously pushing him in every other direction because he's hurting me, I really don't even notice I'm doing it it's become such a habit... hopefully this hasn't effected him in a negative way =|? Oopsy. I think he's tough, he'll be okay :)! I have such prego brain right now that I don't know what's even happened this month.

September 1st was my baby shower held in Ladner at one of my best friends house - Margaret. She did an AMAZING job setting up and I know it really stressed her out, not too sure if she'll ever know how appreciative I am of how beautiful and memorable she made my shower, Love you Mudge! I'll post some pictures of how it turned it out. The weather was perfect, a bit hot for me but for everyone else it was beautiful. There were tables set up and decorated with yellow and white flowers, blue plates and everyone has a mason jar with blue and white striped straws. There was a lemonade stand, a huge desert table with an ombre yellow and blue cake, yellow blue and white candy bar, White chocolate dipped strawberries and yellow and blue cupcakes, every detail was perfected, I envy Margaret she is so creative at everything she puts her mind to - She did all of this WHILE juggling the responsibilities of her very active 2 year old daughter - Super mommy! Almost everyone that got an invite came which was so nice, I got to see so many faces that I haven't seen in SO long, I believe there was about 30 people there! I was tired by the first hour, it's probably looked upon as being easy; Ya know mingling and receiving gifts but holy Sh*t it's not. 30 different people, some who knew each other and lots who didn't is a hard task. I couldn't just stay seated I had to walk around and make sure everyone was comfortable and I had to make sure to get the chance to talk to everyone that came so yeah it was a struggle, especially since I was a waddler from 31 weeks onward it makes it pretty hard to kinda scooch by tables and people in chairs with a belly popping out! None the less I DID IT lol there may have been some sweat marks on my under boob and sweat on my forehead at the end of it all. The shower went really smooth and I got so many great gifts, everyone really spoiled us and I felt so loved and happy - it was a happy day :)! 

Can I just say I am ECSTATIC that the weather has FINALLY changed and it's not hot anymore! It's cold in the mornings and the leaves are changing colors and falling off the trees and fall fashion is NOW in effect...not that I really have a good fashion sense right now since I have NO CLOTHES that fit me (BUT I'm wearing my hunter boots today, woohoo!). I've really been wanting to make my own fall decorations for the house - DIY is much cheaper, as much as I'd prefer to go to Michael's and spend a crap load of money that I don't have, it's just not a priority. I bought some cheap fall flowers from the dollar store, some candles from Ikea (I really want to make a trip down the cabela's soon to get my PINE TREE smelling candles, they remind me SO MUCH of Christmas I love them) Anyways I also got some pretty leaves (fake) and some fake vines from the dollar store as well, I plan on TRYING to make my own wreath for the front door but I actually have to get the motivation to go for a walk and find a bunch of twigs to use so when I do that there will be a new blog post because I'm sure I'll be excited to show everyone what I've done :).

Last weekend I managed to drag Landis out to Ikea with me so we could get a dresser for CCS and a few odds and ends (obviously I forgot the odds and ends so I need to go back at some point). I really really love getting stuff from Ikea but I only like the finished product - putting the furniture together is a whole other story). I invited Landis' sister Amber over to help me set up the baby room and put the furniture together, I was already sweating by the first 10 minutes. I think it took us 15 minutes to figure out the first step (excuse my language but I fucking hate Ikea directions...because there are NONE, it's pictures and they are very shitty pictures!!). Anyways once we figured out the first step we were good to go (or so we thought). We got to I think it was maybe step 8 or 9 when we realized we put one of the drawer bars on backwards and in the wrong spot, so we went 9 steps back and took everything apart and fixed it and then got back to step 10 pretty quick. After I think about an hour and a bit we got it all together and it looks good! After that we moved the crib to where it's home was going to be, put the dresser under the window and started ripping the tags off all of the clothes, blankies etc and filled the dresser. The last thing we put together was the playpen... apparently you can pack this bad boy up to go anywhere - YAH that won't be happening, it took Amber and I like 30 minutes to set that thing up so it'll be dragged around my house from room to room that's for sure. Anyways All in all it was a good day and without her help I think I would've been stuck building the dresser for at least half the day. The crib bumper and mobile arrived earlier in the week so that's all set up now all I'm waiting on is the rocking chair that we should have by next week and then some shelves and a cute little rug that I'll get fairly soon and the baby room will be DONE! Again once it's completely done I'll post some pictures for everyone to see. 

The weekend after the baby shower was exceptionally great and needed in more than one way. One of my best friends from high school Ashley and I had been meaning to get together for the longest time but because we live so far away and we both work different schedules and have different plans it's so hard! So we managed to book a girls spa weekend away to Whistler (I finally got to use my birthday gift certificate from Landis). We left Saturday afternoon after Ash got off work, we got to drive her brothers new BMW X5 aka the spaceship... we couldn't even figure out how to open the doors without the key fob! Check in at the hotel was for 4pm and we managed to get there for about 530 - Checked into the Pinnacle Hotel where we got upgraded to a Junior suite which was pretty awesome! Once we checked in and layed down for 15 mins it was time to hop in the car again and head down to the spa, we had our Massage appointments set for 8 pm but The Scandinave spa has the hot and cold baths before or after your massage and since they closed at 9 pm ours were before. This spa was so beautiful and peaceful, very relaxing but also sort've on the "hippie" side, we weren't allowed to talk (which proved to be difficult and pretty much not do able for Ash and I). 
The night went just as planned and the massage was just what I needed! We went back to the hotel, made some lasagna and watched a few episodes of Sons of Anarchy and chatted until we fell asleep, it was perfect. We woke up in the morning and went for breakfast in the village and took a nice stroll and then of course tortured ourselves by window shopping in Aritzia but we can proudly say we didn't purchase anything. Unfortunately we had to rush home because I told Landis I would go to his friend's little boy's first birthday party in maple ridge and that was at Noon. All in All it was a great weekend topped off by a night of snuggling with my babe. 

Finally we're at this past weekend. Where I literally did nothing for the majority of the 2 days.
Landis went on hunting on Saturday so he had to drive to coquitlam and meet his buddy who was driving up, Saturday called for rain so he took the jetta to coquitlam because big red doesn't like to get wet, especially after him and I spend 2 hours washing and drying and shining the damn thing there's no way she likes to get wet! What Landis forgot was that he had the only key to the Golf which was parked right behind the truck - Saturday turned out to be super sunny but not too hot. I thought Deez and I could go to the dog park and I could go grab some groceries and do some running around but NOPE, Landis had the jetta, the golf was behind the truck and as much as I think it would be okay to just run the golf over with the truck, we need it for when baby is born so Landis can drive to work on a cheap budget! So saturday I literally did nothing all day, I slept, took a bath, ate whatever food we had in the house, watched some movies, cuddled with deez and cleaned the house a bit and Landis got home pretty late so we just hopped into bed once he got home. Sunday he had a couple side jobs to do at his dads house so I layed in bed for a couple hours, made some breakfast, took a shower and got ready for Dinner at Landis' dad's house with my dad and his wife meeting Landis' dad and his wife for the first time. I got to Surrey (his dad's house) around 330 and my dad and Lea showed up just after 4. We had good conversation and a really DELICIOUS dinner that was made by Landis' dad. I think I had steak once my entire pregnancy and that was in the first trimester, it was sooo good to have a steak, although it wasn't cooked how I normally like it just because I had to stay safe with eating it fully cooked, it was still the best meal I've had in so long. He also made stuffed baked potatoes (they were stuffed with sour cream, butter and cheese and were amazing). We also had salad and roasted veggies. I think I was the only one that ate my entire steak, a full potato and then another half of one, all my salad, all my veggies and I even had room for a slice of applie pie with ice cream... whatever I'm eating for 2 ;). It was so worth it. I think dad and Lea left the house at about 730 and Landis and I left at 8. We got home around 8:45 and had a really nice early night followed by me waking up feeling like complete ass this morning - Runny nose a sore throat just in time for Landis' birthday dinner this friday, grrrrrrreat. 

SO my fellow readers, that is september in a novel. Looking forward to (if im not sick) Landis birthday dinner downtown on friday night at Kobe's Steakhouse - mmm more steak!!! This saturday was supposed to be Jason Aldean concert but with how tired I've been feeling and how big I've gotten over the last 4 weeks I decided it wasn't a good idea to be standing on the floor at one of the biggest country concerts to come to vancouver... probably not the best thing for me - So I sold our tickets :( sadly. I'll just listen to Church pew at home and pretend like I'm there. So besides Landis birthday dinner there aren't that many plans this weekend, maybe ill do some clothes shopping for CCS - he still needs a few winter clothes. Can't wait to dress him up for his first Christmas. 

Tata for now 

Our Jeep Ltd Stroller! 

My boy lounging on the couch upset he couldn't go hunting with dad
even though dad put his hunting collar on him, mean daddy.

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