Tuesday, 27 January 2015

My first post since I was pregnant!


Wow I had totally forgotten about my blog!... Can you blame me after having a baby though?!
I just spent the last hour reading my previous blog posts...gotta say I sometimes surprise myself with my writing.. Those posts are pretty interesting and hilarious and a bit too much information!

I'm obviously not going to write a novel about the past year and 4 months since we had the cutest baby boy, Cayson!

I can certainly tell you how amazing being a mom is. How do I even put it into words?
Children teach you everything you didn't know was possible. Cayson has taught me to be extremely patient and persistent, he keeps me on my toes and learns something new every week - which also comes along with a new set of challenges EVERY week... I kid you not!
I've heard from so many people how different boys and girls are and I can truly believe it...
 My kid is so damn destructive and is CONSTANTLY on the move! Everything he touches breaks from being slapped or thrown or tossed or whatever...it all breaks! He makes this crazy demon noise when he runs around the house and he CLIMBS EVERYTHING! I used to have about 20 heart attacks a day but now he's pretty sturdy and I trust him to make the safest decision... Due to the fact that he's hurt himself from the bad decisions he remembers that very well!

Man..... Being a parent is hard fucking work and tires the shit out of you. Yep I'm going to swear like I'm a trucker because this is the only place I can do that now! Every word I say is being repeated....wow time flies.
We never thought about how tiring it would be to form this baby into a toddler and toddler into a child (we aren't quite there yet). All of our parents don't really live close to us and are away a lot of the time so we haven't had a lot of dates or alone time in the last year and a half...life of a parent?
Our date night consists of popcorn and dexter these days.... Oh I love dexter!

So I'm sorry I haven't written in a while for all the people that did read my blog and enjoy them... Like I said in my past posts writing in really therapeutic and I need to do it more... So this will definitely be one of my goals for 2015... Along with getting in shape for summer of course AND our wedding in December! But isn't that everyone's goal anyways?
I'm actually down to my pre baby weight (... Well I'm 5 pounds away from my pre baby weight) and then all I have to do is tone up... Hopefully the little bit of lose skin that I have left from being pregnant will tighten and tone... Or I sure as fuck am not getting into a bikini unless it's a moomoo that covers everything... And let's be honest who even wears a moomoo?

I'll write tmrw!



  1. Hey Rach!
    I love that I found this! I can't believe we have another thing in common. I just started blogging late last year and I'm loving it.

    P.s. I love in your little profile tidbit that you wrote: "happy girls are the prettiest".....I 100 million % agree with this. Whenever I find myself feeling a little inadequate or comparing myself to others, I'm always jealous of those girls who just radiate beauty all because of a simple smile on their face (i.e. people like you), and it's something I strive for everyday!
    I look forward to more posts :)

  2. Hey Rach,
    I nominated you for the Sweetheart award (http://myvballlife.blogspot.ca/). If you are interested just answer the same 11 questions, and then find someone else you want to nominate to do the same!